Procedures and Precautions

Elevate and the other businesses in the Northtown Chiropractic Center will be taking the following precautions to keep our patrons safe: 

  • Hand sanitizer will be located near each entrance. We ask that you please sanitize your hands upon entering the building. 

  • We encourage you to stay in your car until it is time for your appointment rather than waiting in the hall or seating area by the door. 

  • Many of us will be operating with shorter business hours and seeing fewer people each day in order to minimize the number of people coming in and out of the building. 

  • Bathrooms and common spaces will be cleaned and sanitized with greater frequency. 


I personally will be implementing the following new procedures: 

  • Appointment times will be increased to ensure that one patient can complete their appointment and leave the building before the next patient arrives. 

  • Saturday appointments will only be available by request for those who are unable to make it to other appointment times during the week. 

  • I will be wearing a mask for the duration of each appointment. You are welcome to wear one as well if it makes you more comfortable. 

  • The door handle will be sanitized between each patient instead of the end of the day. 

  • Expansion into the second treatment room will be placed on hold to minimize the number of people coming in and out of the building and to ensure that there is ample time for sanitization and disinfection between each appointment. 

  • I ask that you please do not come in for an appointment if you are feeling under the weather, have a fever, or have recently developed a cough or other COVID related symptoms. 


I will continue to follow the sanitization and disinfection procedures that I have always used. These include: 

  • New linens for each patient 

  • Use of medical grade products to clean face cradle, treatment table, and work space between each patient. Cups, E-stim machine, and other tools are also sanitized and disinfected after each use. All products used will be from the EPA's list of products that are effective against COVID-19. 

  • Hand washing and/or sanitization between patients and upon reentering the treatment room from hallway or office. 

For up-to-date information on COVID-19, please visit the following sites: